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Timber Flooring Perth

When searching for the right timber flooring in Perth, look no further than us. We offer our timber in 1 strip, 2 strip or 3 strip options and because no two trees are the same you can be assured that your timber from Vibe Floor Coverings Perth will be unique to your home. You can choose from our range of timber floor styles depending on your needs.

Engineered Timber Flooring

If you’re short on time perhaps our engineered timber floors are for you. Engineered timber is made up of manufactured boards which are not attached to the existing floor, but rather laid on top of foam or rubber; it also creates less mess during installation as it does not require polishing or sanding like regular timber floors. Ultimately, this means our team can install your engineered timber floor quickly, and because you can walk on it the same day as installation, we can have you back in your home faster. Contact us today to arrange a free quote.

Alternatively, if you’re leaning more towards solid timber flooring we have two options available: our pre-finished and raw timbers.

Pre-Finished Timber Flooring

Similar to our engineered timber, pre-finished timber flooring requires no sanding or polishing on site, and you can walk on it the same day as installation. This option is often better for smaller areas where it may be difficult to access a sanding machine. Its individual character and uniqueness adds style to any home, while remaining a practical flooring option.
For the best timber flooring Perth has to offer, call one of our friendly staff today.

Raw Timber Flooring

Of our three options, raw timber flooring is the most common and usually results in a sleeker, better looking final finish. There are generally less gaps between boards and the lines are not as noticeable. You will be able to personalize your timber by choosing what feature grading you would prefer.

Raw timber flooring will need to be sanded and coated, which takes approximately a week to complete. Visit our contact us page for more information on our raw timber flooring installation in Perth.

Why should I choose timber flooring?

  • Your timber floor can be as unique as you are, with a wide range of colours, grains, and species to choose from
  • Timber flooring requires minimal care, has lasting good looks, and can be sanded back at a later date
  • It’s easy to clean and is low maintenance
  • It is hypo-allergenic as it does not trap dust, pollen, or dirt like other flooring choices
  • Hardwood timber does not stimulate the growth of bacteria and germs
  • Timber flooring naturally insulates your home and also is a much warmer option than tiles
  • It can be installed over existing timber or concrete floors

Timber flooring is a cost efficient, practical and versatile choice. Visit our store today to see the options available for your home, or to speak to our staff about the best choice for your needs