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Carpet fitters Perth

Vibe floors supply and install a wide range of high quality carpets for residential and commercial flooring applications in all areas of Perth. Our trained and qualified Perth carpet fitters will proudly install your new carpets to the highest possible standards, ensuring your carpets withstand the test of time, and look their best for years to come.

Vibe floors carry a wide range of high quality carpets, and offer a free no obligation home consultation, where our trained and friendly sales advisors will visit you in your Perth home, equipped with  a wide selection of carpet samples for you to test in your home, in your light, and with your furniture. Only this way will you really get the feel for how your new carpet will look in your new home.

Vibe Floors can do ‘supply only’, but we recommend our team of highly skilled carpet fitters install your carpets too in order to get the best from them now and in the future. Our highly skilled carpet fitters will install your new carpet to the highest standards, ensuring it looks as good in years to come, as it does on the day it is installed.

There are many different types of carpet available, and a consultation with one of our advisors will help you choose the right solution for you. Below are just a few brief notes on some of the options available.

Solution Dyed Nylon is a popular choice of carpet as it has the luxurious feel of wool with a very high resistance to staining and soiling. It’s yarn is highly resistant to colour loss or fading from sunlight, ozone or harsh cleaning products and is very hard wearing. Nylon carpet comes in a large range of colours, is a durable product and resists crushing. Nylons have been treated to resist stains and have anti-static properties.

Wool carpet is an age old tradition that is very resilient and recovers quickly from denting and crushing. Wool has it’s own natural resistance to staining and soiling due to it’s natural coating that helps dirt and stains from penetrating the wool. Polyester is a synthetic fibre and is a more cost effective yarn with similar properties to Nylon fibre. It is easy to clean and is commonly used in rental properties. Blends of two fibres are shown by a percentage of each. This brings even different qualities to the carpet and can be a good compromise if you are undecided.

Contact Vibe Floors today to discuss your carpet requirements or ideas and we’ll be happy to help you.