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Bamboo Flooring Perth

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, durable flooring option, then you should consider Bamboo flooring; it is becoming a popular choice of hardwood flooring in Perth. There are many benefits to choosing Bamboo, making it a favourite of architects and interior designers. Much like other timber flooring, it comes in many colours and ranges, so you will have many options to choose from.

Bamboo is rated 15 on the Janka Rating System. The Janka Hardness Rating measures the hardness of individual types of timber, and is one of the best measures of a woods ability to withstand denting, wear and tear. The higher the rating, the harder the timber is. For example, Baltic pine timber is only rated at 2.9 (meaning it is quite soft), whereas a timber like Red Mahogany is rated at 12 (near the top end of the scale). Bamboo, with its rating of 15, is therefore one of the most durable wooden flooring options available. This is not the only benefit to choosing bamboo flooring from Vibe Floor Coverings Perth.

Why choose bamboo flooring?

  • Bamboo flooring is hardy and durable
  • It is the only solid timber that can be floated
  • Bamboo is a hardy and durable product and the hot compressed strand woven Bamboo rates 15 on the Janka Hardness Rating
  • The boards receive 10-12 coats of anti-scratch coating before they leave the factory
  • Bamboo is an environmentally friendly product and has less impact on the environment than some other flooring choices
  • These stylish floors have a warmth and beauty that makes it a desirable flooring option

Vibe Floor Coverings offers customers a range of over twelve styles of Bamboo flooring to choose from. Contact us today to see if Bamboo flooring is the right option for you.